Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics
~Magickal Graphics~

Walker is half vampire--half Jaguar. His people, the ancient Jaguar People, and the ancient Crow People, were among the first to walk Mother Earth. Walker is the new prophecy. Now, he and his seven friends must find a way to right a wrong--a wrong that they have created--when they captured a powerful vamp. And this particular vampire is not just any vampire. In fact, no one thought he could be caught--more-or-less that the ones who would catch him--would be a bunch of kids. But now, these kids have a problem. They don't want it revealed to their people--who they have imprisoned within their cave. It would violate a fragile treaty--with one of their people's most powerful enemies. Perhaps the budding powers of a Jaguar Witch, the powers that are within Cass, can help them to find their way out of this mess--if not, their people may yet end up in war--a war that their own parents had worked so hard to prevent.

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